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Smiling Can Make You Happier

Young lady smilingFor many of us, happiness is something that we reach once we’ve achieved our goals, paid off our debts, found a spouse, or received our degrees. However, author Shawn Anchor of “The Happiness Advantage” says that this is actually reversed. Instead of being happy once we’re finally successful, Anchor suggests that people who start out happier will, in turn, achieve more success! 

As it turns out, even if a smile is forced, it will still help you feel happier and will considerably lower your stress level! The average person smiles around 20 times a day, but people who describe themselves as happy will typically smile almost twice that – around 45 to 50 times a day! Little children smile around 400 times a day, and they are much happier and less stressed than adults. We’ve always assumed that lower stress equals more smiles, but we’re learning that more smiles actually equals lowered stress levels.

Because smiling can lower stress, this means that smiling can help to alleviate all of the health problems that accompany stress. This includes high blood pressure, and an increased risk of heart disease.

So, the answer is clear – we need to smile more! However, if you’re not completely confident with your smile, this can provide a whole new set of problems. In the article titled “Smile & The Happiness Advantage,” a list has been provided of ways that our dentist, Dr. Preston Polson, can help you want to show off your smile! That list is provided for you below:

  1. Whitening – Our whitening options include a custom, take-home whitening tray, or our in-office Zoom! whitener. A whiter smile is the easiest way to quickly improve your confidence.
  2. Composite Bonding – Spaces between teeth or smaller teeth can be fixed with direct composite bonding. Excellent bonding agents and an array of colors and shades can offer natural looking, long-lasting results.
  3. Orthodontics – Straightening ones teeth to create a perfect smile is an amazing way to improve the cosmetics and function for a lifetime.
  4. Cosmetic Veneers & Crowns – Certain cases like excessive spaces, tooth malformations, discrepancies and or discolorations of may require veneers or crowns. Dental materials provide excellent cosmetic choices that allow perfect results and a beautiful smile!
  5. Complete Cosmetic Makeovers – Full-mouth reconstruction can create a beautiful and cosmetic smile. This would include dental implants or bridges to replace missing teeth, restore function and improve cosmetics. There is almost nothing dentistry cannot replace or restore to create the ideal smile.

With all of these incredible options available, there’s no reason to start enjoying your smile! Please contact Meadows Family Dentistry, in order to set up an appointment with our skilled dentist, Dr. Polson. We are located in beautiful Castle Rock, CO!

Posted on Feb 16, 2016
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