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COVID Protocols

We would like to update you on what Meadows Family Dentistry has implemented to provide needed dental care to each patient in a safe environment. We have always been committed to the highest standards of infection control practices. In addition to existing protocols we have implemented practices to reduce risk of exposure of Coronavirus and other air borne pathogens to our staff and patients. These strategies, practices, and protocols are in accordance with state and local mandates, and recommendations and guidelines from the Colorado State Dental Association, American Dental Association, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency, and Center for Disease Control. 

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  • A coronavirus screening text is sent to all patients before appointments and personally reviewed at the beginning of each appointment to prevent covid-positive patients from entering the dental office. If a patient is ill or is exhibiting cold/flu symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, unexplained fever (greater than 100.0 degrees), chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, unexplained headache or sore throat, and/or new loss of taste or smell within two weeks prior to their appointment, that appointment will be rescheduled after being  2 weeks symptom free or a negative COVID test. ( )
  • Screening questions also ask if the patient or someone they are in close contact with has been exposed to COVID-19, tested positive for COVID -19, or living with someone that is in quarantine within two weeks prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • The office limits the number of people in accordance with state social distancing guidelines. To help accomplish this, a virtual waiting room is implemented in the parking lot. When a patient arrives for an appointment, they call or text the office to inform us they have arrived. A staff member will come get each patient when their chair is ready. We also ask patients to limit the number of family members that enter with them, but we recognize there are youth and elderly that need family assistance.
  • Temperatures of staff, patients, and family members entering the office are recorded daily to document the absence of fever.
  • Everyone entering the office is asked to wear a mask in accordance with state mandates. The mask is worn in the lobby and hallways. When seated in the operatory, patients may remove the mask but accompanying family members will need to continue to wear a mask. If patients have health concerns that prohibit them from wearing a mask, please call and inform us. We can provide a face shield or make other arrangements to provide a safe appointment that follows guidelines and mandates.
  • Patients wash their hands or use sanitizing gel prior to their appointment and at the end of their appointment.  ( )
  • Patients are asked to do a 30 second hydrogen peroxide pre-rinse prior to their dental appointment.  This practice has been shown to reduce viral load and inactivate bacteria and viruses, and therefore decrease the risk of aerosolization of coronavirus or other air borne pathogens. ( )( )
  • During dental procedures, we use a product called Dryshield and other high volume evacuation devices to decrease aerosolization to further reduce risk of air borne pathogens. ( )
  • Meadows Family Dentistry has always used rigorous and frequent infection control procedures. We are more vigilant now more than ever in ensuring all potentially contaminated surfaces are thoroughly disinfected between each patient with a hospital-grade disinfectant approved by the CDC to kill Coronavirus ( )
  • Our staff members use proper hand washing protocol and staff members who may feel sick are instructed to stay home. Our staff wear recommended PPE (personal protective equipment) including gowns, masks, face shields, surgical caps, and gloves during dental procedures. All PPE is changed and sanitized between each patient. All our clinical staff members were fit tested for their N95 masks or half mask respirators.
  • Air purifiers have been installed - one in the lobby and one in each of the two hallways. In addition, we installed air purifiers in the ceilings of each of the operatories. These purifiers are hospital grade purifiers that eliminate aerosol particles, bacteria, viruses, and vapors with HEPA filters, carbon filters, and UV light decontamination to clean the air efficiently and highly effectively ( ) ( )
  • Staff are mindful of helping patients social distance and keep a physical distance of 6 feet from other people.  Patients may be asked to wait in the operatory or wait from a distance until the front desk is ready to check them out.

If a patient is considered high risk or has further questions or concerns, please contact our office or Dr. Polson to discuss options and a specific plan can be developed to provide care in a safe and effective manner. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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