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Invisalign is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment. If you have crooked teeth, gaps between your teeth, or a misaligned bite, invisalign is an alternative option to straightening your teeth. Conventional Orthodontics can more perfectly correct your smile and improve your oral health, however, if you hesitate on wearing traditional metal braces because of the inconveniences that come with them, invisalign is an alternative method to aligning your teeth.

The Advantages of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces have become an increasingly popular alternative to metal braces. Instead of brackets and wires, invisible braces use clear plastic teeth aligners to gently guide your teeth into their ideal position.

Your teeth aligners will be created using a digital model of your teeth. When you first put on an aligner, it may feel tight and uncomfortable because of the pressure it places on your teeth to help them move. Over the next couple of weeks, your teeth will shift to fit the aligner. Once this occurs, you will need to return to Dr. Polson to obtain a new aligner and continue the process.

Am I a Candidate for Invisible Braces?

If you need to straighten your teeth but want to avoid metal braces, schedule a consultation with Dr. Polson today to talk about Invisalign. He can help you determine whether or not invisible braces are right for you.

Minor crowding in your teeth, a slight underbite or overbite, and smaller gaps can all easily be repaired with Invisalign, but more serious or extreme cases may require other orthodontic treatment methods. After examining your bite, we will discuss all of your teeth straightening options with you in detail.