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Why an Extraction May Be Necessary?

A dentist explaining an x-ray to a patient

Ideally, your permanent teeth should last a lifetime. Generally, your dentist will try their best to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. However, there may be situations where you possibly encounter a problem where it would be better to extract your tooth rather than trying to save it.

Following are some situations that can be threatening to your oral and overall health where it would be better to have your teeth extracted.

  • Overcrowding: This is one of the most common reasons for tooth extractions. When your teeth are too big to fit effortlessly in your jaw, it is considered overcrowding. This can cause your teeth to become crooked, which can further cause alignment issues. In order to align the teeth properly in your mouth, one or two teeth may need to be extracted.
  • External Damage: Teeth can be very vulnerable during accidents. This is why sports players are always wearing mouth guards when their mouths are at risk. If you get into an accident that causes damage to your teeth, you may require an extraction.
  • Periodontal Disease: Another common reason for tooth extraction is periodontal disease. This gum disease affects the area around the teeth – the structure that holds them in place. If not treated immediately, the disease may spread out and affect other teeth, which is why it may be necessary to extract the tooth to treat the disease properly.

Dental extractions can be scary. But with the right dentist, the whole procedure can go as smoothly as you would hope. If you live in Castle Rock, CO, visit Meadows Family Dentistry for your dental extractions today.

Posted on Dec 13, 2021
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