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Everything You Should Know About Dental Crowns

Metal free ceramic dental crowns

Your teeth are almost always in use. Over the years, this can lead to some damage. Whether it’s due to injuries, tooth decay, or just chewing and biting on a daily basis, your teeth can also become a victim of wear and tear, causing them to lose their original shape and size.

How Can Dental Crowns Solve This Issue?

A dental crown is basically a tooth-shaped cap for your teeth. It is custom-made, so it fits perfectly on your teeth, restoring its shape, size, appearance, and even strength. It covers the visible portion of the tooth by being cemented into place by a dentist.

Who Needs a Dental Crown?

There are several reasons to which one may need a dental crown. Some of these include:

  • To restore a tooth that is partially broken or severely worn down.
  • To cover and support a tooth with a large filling and not much of the original tooth remaining.
  • To protect a weak tooth from decaying or breaking.
  • To keep a weak tooth together if parts of it are cracked.
  • To cover teeth that are severely discolored.
  • To hold a dental bridge in place.
  • To cover a dental implant.
  • To cover a tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment.

Types of Dental Crowns:

Dental crowns can be made from several materials, including:

  • Metal
  • Porcelain-fused-into-metal
  • All-ceramic
  • All-porcelain
  • All-resin
  • Pressed ceramics

Irrespective of your need, your dentist will guide you through the process and help determine whether you need dental crowns or not and what type of dental crown will suit you the best.

If you’re looking for an excellent dentist to consult about dental crowns and live in Castle Rock, consider visiting Meadows Family Dentistry for a consultation today.

Posted on Nov 8, 2021
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