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Does Altitude Affect Oral Health?

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Have you ever heard about tooth squeeze?

High and low altitudes can cause your eardrums to feel uncomfortable. However, do you know that atmospheric pressure can likewise affect your teeth?

Customarily called "tooth squeeze" or barodontalgia, this phenomenon is generally normal among scuba divers, pilots, and mountain climbers, yet it can influence any individual who goes into extreme altitudes.

Oral Issues and Tooth Squeeze

By and large, barodontalgia is set off by previous conditions. Some of the time, air pockets developed under the fillings or root canals become painful, tender, and sore while undergoing atmospheric pressure changes. At times fillings can even become undone in various elevations!

Another cause behind why altitudes can cause toothaches is because you have some type of tooth decay, disease, or oral issue. While the pain you may feel in changing atmospheric pressure isn't so unbearable, it tends to help distinguish air pockets that you didn't know were caught under your teeth.

The Bottom Line

To stay at bay from these toothaches, you must ensure you practice good oral health by brushing and flossing twice a day. Also, never underestimate the significance of regular dental visits. In case you're encountering uneasiness or a toothache at different altitudes, consult a dentist immediately. The dentist will check whether the cause of the toothache is air pockets.

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Posted on Jul 12, 2021
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