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Healthy Drinks Your Teeth Should Avoid


While brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing after meals is essential to keep your teeth healthy, that alone doesn't guarantee great oral health. To ensure your teeth are at their optimal health, it is important to pay attention to what you eat and drink.

You probably already know that soda and other sugary beverages can harm your teeth. But did you know that the following healthy drinks are also bad for your oral health?

  • Lemon Water: There are various benefits of drinking lemon water – especially in the morning. It is one of the best ways to start your mornings for better immunity and to boost your metabolism. However, your teeth may not experience the same benefits. The acidity of the lemon can wear out the enamel of the teeth and weaken them over time. Some people also add apple cider vinegar to their lemon water, which only makes things worse. To avoid this side effect while still reaping the health benefits of this drink, always use a straw. This reduces your teeths' contact with the liquid. Furthermore, follow it up with a glass of water to wash away the lemon.
  • Coffee and Tea: If you limit the amount of sugar and cream you add, coffee and tea can be very beneficial. However, frequent cups of these beverages can stain your teeth. Both tea and coffee contain dyes that can build up on your teeth and latch onto the enamel to cause discoloration. It is better to consume these drinks in moderation if you want to protect your pearly whites.

The above doesn't mean that you should give up on these drinks entirely. Just make sure to consume them smartly, and you'll be able to take better care of your teeth.

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Posted on Jun 28, 2021
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