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Using Interdental Brushes

Girl with interdental brushes

Brushing twice a day is one of the most fundamental ways to keep your teeth clean and healthy. However, with standard toothbrushes, a lot of sticky substances or small food particles can remain lodged between teeth. This can lead to cavities and decay of enamel over time. Interdental brushes provide an effective solution to this problem.

Here are all the reasons why people should use interdental brushes:

What Are Interdental Brushes?

These brushes are specially designed to prevent gum disease. They achieve this by getting rid of any debris and particles that might remain stuck between teeth. This also helps in mitigating the risk of plaque on teeth. Manufactured with small bristle heads, they are available in varying sizes for people of all ages to ensure the safety and health of their respective oral cavities.

Using Interdental Brushes

Interdental brushes can be substituted with standard toothbrushes once a day. This means that people can either use them in the morning or at night based on their preferences. Consult your dentist regarding the appropriate size for your teeth. It is also important to note that since they have smaller bristles, they can damage gums at times. In order to avoid this, make sure that you use the brush gently.

In Case You Are Having Trouble Using Interdental Brushes

It is always best to consult an orthodontist in this regard as they are able to provide the best guidance and advice going forward. These dental specialists can offer a lot of knowledge and insights regarding whether interdental brushes are right for your cavity and, if they are, how to use them appropriately so that pain and bleeding can be minimized.


Interdental brushes are highly effective in their ability to reach tight spaces between teeth that can be missed by normal toothbrushes. This is why many dentists recommend these to their patients, especially those who constantly complain about cavities.

If you are looking for advice on using interdental brushes or want to consult a professional dentist for any other reason, get in touch with Meadows Family Dentistry today.

Posted on Aug 8, 2022
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