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What to Know About Tooth Mamelons

Pre-teen Teeth ExamWhen your child’s permanent teeth start to grow in, you may notice ridges on the ends of the teeth. These bumps and ridges are known as tooth mamelons. Mamelons vary from person to person. While some are quite prominent and noticeable, others may be very subtle. Mamelons can make the teeth look uneven, especially if the edges are rough. Tooth mamelons are most commonly seen on the upper and lower permanent lateral and central incisors. 

Why Do Teeth Have Mamelons? 

When an adult tooth forms underneath the gum tissue, there are three groups of cells that form the incisal edge of the tooth. This helps the tooth break through the gum tissue more easily. However, when the teeth erupt, some parents are concerned that the tooth appears to be damaged. Don’t worry! This is just the tooth mamelon helping the tooth grow through the gums. Most adults don’t have mamelons as they slowly wear off. 

After orthodontic treatment is completed, some orthodontics will remove the mamelons to improve the appearance of the smile. This is a painless procedure and no anesthesia will be necessary. The vibrations from the mamelon removal may tickle the nose, but there are not any other unpleasant side effects. 

Why Remove Tooth Mamelons? 

Mamelons are removed to improve the aesthetics of the smile and for alignment. Mamelons will wear off anyway, but if we can make sure they’re removed evenly, we reduce the chances that they wear off asymmetrically, which can cause the teeth to appear uneven. 

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your tooth mamelons, please don’t hesitate to contact Meadows Family Dentistry in Castle Rock, Colorado. We want all of our patients to be confident with their beautiful smiles! 

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