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Signs that Your Child is Eating Too Much Sugar

SugarWe all know that sugar isn’t healthy for our bodies. In fact, it’s been found that a high-sugar diet contributes to diabetes, cancer, ADHD, and heart disease. However, it seems difficult to get away from sugar, as anything delicious seems to contain such large amounts of it!

As important as it is to monitor our sugar intake, it’s even more important to keep an eye on the sugar intake of our children. According to the American Heart Association, children should only consume around 12 grams of sugar a day. This means one single juice box contains twice the allotted daily amount! As a parent, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re reading the labels on your child’s food and beverages.

Signs That Your Child Is Eating Too Much Sugar

Below are a few ways to tell if your child may be consuming more than the recommended amount of sugar per day:

  • Your child craves or constantly asks for sugary foods or drinks. Sugar is very addictive, and the more you eat, the more you crave. If your child is constantly snacking on sugary foods or asking for you to procure them, this can be a red flag.
  • Your child’s attitude and demeanor can tell you a lot about their diet. For example, if they’re moody, lethargic, or sluggish, this may be the result of their blood sugar dipping and soaring. The constant sugar highs and crashes can cause these symptoms.
  • Lastly, sugar is the number one cause of dental cavities. If your child is developing a lot of dental cavities, this can be a sign that their sugar intake is out of control. Even if your children are diligent about oral hygiene, consuming too much sugar will still cause cavities.

If your child is exhibiting the above symptoms, it may be time to reevaluate your family’s diet. To make an appointment for the whole family to receive dental cleanings and checkups, please contact Meadows Family Dental located here in Castle Rock, CO.

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