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In Office Teeth Whitening At Meadows Family Dentistry

Teeth whitening before afterA beautiful, white smile is everyone’s ultimate dental goal! But it’s more difficult to keep your teeth white than you might think. With foods and drinks like coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and sugar that can stain our teeth, daily maintenance might not be enough to keep your teeth bright. 

Luckily, an in-office whitening at Meadows Family Dentistry can get your smile as bright and white as ever! Our office features Zoom! Whitening System.

What is Zoom! Whitening?

Zoom! is the quickest and most effective in-office bleaching procedure! During the procedure, a whitening gel will be applied directly to your teeth. Once this is done, a special light will be used to shine on the gel. Each treatment lasts around 30-60 minutes and your results will be immediate! You’ll be sent home with take-home gel to apply when you need a touch-up.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about Zoom!:

  • What is the difference between Zoom! and over-the-counter tooth whiteners?
    • Over-the-counter tooth whiteners can take up to weeks or even months to whiten your teeth just a few shades. Zoom!, on the other hand, has been clinically proven to whiten your teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one hour!
  • Are there any unpleasant side effects with Zoom!?
    • Some people may experience increased tooth sensitivity after the treatment. However, this sensitivity is only temporary and should subside within 1-3 days after the completion of the treatment.
  • What is the procedure like for the patient?
    • During your Zoom! procedure, you can sit in our comfortable chairs listening to music or watching TV. Many patients even fall asleep during the procedure! For those with a strong gag reflex, you may have a more difficult time undergoing the procedure. Let us know beforehand if you have trouble with your gag reflex and we’ll help keep you comfortable.

To learn more about Zoom! or to set up your appointment with Dr. Polson here at Meadows Family Dentistry, please contact our Castle Rock, CO office today!

Posted on Aug 25, 2016
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