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The Most Common Reasons for Developing Dental Cavities

Woman with huge lollipopIt’s common knowledge that the best way to prevent cavities and other dental diseases is to brush, floss, and visit Meadows Family Dentistry every six months for a dental cleaning and a checkup. However, even if you take care of your dental hygiene, there are still outside risk factors that can make you more vulnerable to dental disease, especially cavities.

Risk Factors for Developing Dental Cavities

If you are included in the following categories, good at-home oral hygiene alone may not be enough to avoid dental cavities:

  • Tobacco products – Chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes can lead to a weakening of the tooth enamel and will cause dry mouth. Both of these increase the likelihood of dental cavities. In addition, tobacco use will discolor the teeth, dulling your smile.
  • Alcohol and drug use – Alcohol causes dry mouth and is very acidic, both of which can lead to worn down tooth enamel. Additionally, hard drugs like methamphetamine are known for causing the teeth to rot away and even fall out. 
  • Genetics – Like anything else, genetics can play a role in your oral health. Genes can cause you to have a higher number of bacteria in your mouth, putting you at an increased risk for dental cavities and other tooth problems.
  • Eating disorders – Anorexia will deprive your body and teeth of the proper vitamins and nutrients, causing the enamel to weaken. Bulimia damages the enamel by frequently exposing it to harmful stomach acid during the purging process. 
  • Natural aging – The aging process can cause tooth enamel to become weaker and wear away. This allows tooth decay and cavities to become more common. Aging also puts you at risk for gingivitis.

If you have any of the risk factors listed above please contact Meadows Family Dentistry here at our Castle Rock, Colorado general dental office. Please let us know of any of the above factors during your regular dental cleaning and checkup so we can keep an eye out for any potential dental problems.

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