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Information About Interdental Brushing

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When it comes to fighting and preventing gum disease and gingivitis, nothing beats an interdental brush. Interdental brushes help to keep your gum tissue healthy by getting rid of plaque and food debris in between the teeth.

If plaque is allowed to build up between your teeth, the bacteria will irritate the gum tissue, causing to swell and become inflamed. If you have a history of gum tissue problems, it’s a good idea to work an interdental brush into your everyday at-home oral hygiene routine.

What is an Interdental Brush?

Interdental brushes have handles similar to toothbrushes, but have a small bristled head on top. This head is meant to clean between the teeth. You can find an interdental brush at your local pharmacy. They come in many different sizes to suit the size of the gaps in between your teeth. You may need one size brush for the front teeth and a different size for your molars.

Tips on how to Use an Interdental Brush 

You should always make sure to follow the advice of your dentist when using your interdental brush. Below are a few tips that may also help:

  • Use the right size brush for the gaps between your tooth. Otherwise you may do damage to your gum tissue.
  • You should be able to insert the brush gently between the teeth. Do not force the brush into the space.
  • Work in a pattern around the whole of your mouth. This will help make sure you don’t miss any of the spaces in between the teeth.

If you have a history of gum problems and would like to learn more about how interdental brushing can help, please contact Meadows Family Dental today! Our family dentist’s office is located in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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