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How to Quit Your Soda Habit

A variety of soda cans just as Sprite, Fanta and Pepsi

Soda is addicting, very acidic, contains excess calories, and damages your dental health. However, many people have a daily soda habit, sometimes drinking multiple cans a day. Soda can be a tough habit to quit, especially with vending machines, restaurants, and supermarket checkouts offering us soda everywhere we go.

Quitting Your Soda Habit

According to experts, the following steps can help you quit your soda habit for good:

  1. Commit – The first step to quitting soda is making up your mind to do it! If you want to stop altogether or even if you’d like to cut back, you need to commit to your decision.
  2. Switch to diet – Gradually switch over to diet sodas. Decide not to purchase regular sodas and divvy up the ones you still have carefully. In addition to switching to diet, try to cut back on the amount you drink. If you drink 3 full-sugared sodas a day, cut down to 2; one sugared and one diet. Do this until you’re down to one diet a day.
  3. Switch to caffeine-free – Caffeine is the addictive ingredient in soda. Caffeinated beverages are very difficult to quit. Once you’re down to one diet soda a day, start working in some caffeine-free diet sodas. This can help you kick two habits at once – the soda habit as well as the caffeine addiction.
  4. Have alternatives on hand – Milk, juice, tea, or ice-cold water are all much healthier alternatives to soda. Once you’ve kicked the soda habit completely, keep it that way by not allowing your drink cooler to get too boring!

If you’re concerned about the damage sugar may be doing to your teeth, please make an appointment here at Meadows Family Dentistry. To schedule your cleaning and checkup, please call our Castle Rock, Colorado general dental office today.

Posted on Apr 13, 2020
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