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Dental X-Rays and Your Child’s Safety

Family of three reviewing dental x-rayX-rays are an important part of identifying and diagnosing problems in adult and child patients. X-rays provide dentists with a detailed picture of the teeth as well as the surrounding bone and tissue. However, many parents are wary of allowing their child to receive dental X-rays or have questions regarding the safety of a dental X-ray.

Here at Meadows Family Dentistry, we want you to be educated about dental X-rays so that you can feel comfortable with your child receiving one. Below are a few common questions parents have about their children and X-rays.

Why does my child need to have a dental X-ray taken?

  • X-rays can detect tooth decay that may be hiding between the teeth or beneath dental fillings or crowns.
  • X-rays can determine potential spacing problems with your child’s teeth even before the adult teeth grow in.
  • X-rays can serve as a map of your child’s mouth is he or she needs to have a root canal or tooth extraction and the dentist needs to view the roots of the teeth.

Should I be concerned about radiation exposure?

During a routine dental X-ray, your child is exposed to a very minimal amount of radiation. Even so, we make sure that each patient is wearing a lead apron to protect their body from the small amount of radiation that is emitted. Your health and that of your family is our top priority, so rest assured that we would not expose any of our patients to anything that may endanger them.

The best way to care for your child’s teeth is to practice good at-home oral hygiene. This should include brushing at least twice a day, flossing every day, and visiting the dentist for routine dental cleanings, checkups, and X-rays.

To make an appointment for the whole family, please contact Meadows Family Dentistry located in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Posted on Dec 27, 2018



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