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Dental Fillings in Castle Rock, Colorado

An image of a tooth with a dental filling in it

Once a dental cavity has been diagnosed, the decay has been removed, and the affected tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, it is time to place the dental filling into the cavity. There are a few different dental filling options at Meadows Family Dentistry.

Types of Dental Fillings

Each type of dental filling has its own aesthetic, durability, and financial considerations, so it's important to discuss your dental filling options with Dr. Preston Polson. We can make recommendations based on your circumstances.

  • Gold – Gold is a durable filling and lasts longer than the other filling materials. However, since it is crafted from a precious metal, gold fillings are more expensive.
  • Metal Amalgam – Metal amalgam fillings are made of metallic elements, including tin, mercury, silver, and copper. Metal amalgam fillings are more noticeable but very budget-friendly.
  • Composite Resin – Composite resin fillings are durable and less noticeable than gold and silver since they are color-matched to the tooth. These fillings are comprised of acrylic resin and powdered glass and may be more expensive.
  • Ceramic – Lastly, ceramic fillings are a virtually unnoticeable but more expensive option. However, ceramic fillings have a decreased chance of staining than composite resin fillings. 

Dr. Polson and the rest of the staff at Meadows Family Dentistry are happy to discuss your dental filling options with you. Molars require a more durable filling than front teeth, and front teeth will require more aesthetic considerations than molars.

To learn more or to make an appointment at Meadows Family Dentistry, please contact our Castle Rock, Colorado, general dental office. 

Posted on Nov 23, 2020
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