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Your First Week with Orthodontic Braces

A teenage girl smiling with braces

If you’ve just received braces, we congratulate you! You’ve taken the first step toward achieving a straight, beautiful smile! But you should also know that the first few weeks can be quite an adjustment. Dental braces can be tough to get used to at first, but in just a few short days, they’ll feel completely natural.

What to Expect During the First Week

The day you get your braces on, they may feel very strange. Your lips won’t feel like they can close correctly, and you may not talk normally for a few hours! On day two, you might start to feel some soreness or discomfort. But if you feel any real pain, it will be on the third or the fourth day. Make sure to have some Tylenol or Ibuprofen on hand, just in case.

It will take the soft tissues of your mouth some time to get used to the metal of your braces. Sores may start to form on your tongue or the inside of your cheeks. Your orthodontist will provide you with orthodontic wax, which can be used to cover the metal spots that are causing the most pain. If you run out before your next appointment, dental wax can also be found in any store that sells toothpaste or dental floss.

You should still be visiting Meadows Family Dentistry every six months for a dental cleaning and a checkup, even while you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. To make an appointment for your regular exam, please contact our Castle Rock, Colorado general dentist’s office!

Posted on Mar 23, 2020



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