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The Importance of Calcium for Your Children

MilkAs a child, you may remember hearing your parents tell you that drinking all your milk would make your bones healthy and help you grow big and strong! As a parent yourself, you may catch yourself telling your own children this same thing. But it turns out that your parents were right! Getting enough calcium is vital for growing children, not only for their bones but for their teeth a well. Children who consume the recommended daily serving of calcium through dairy products are more likely to develop healthier bones and teeth.

Calcium & Kids

The best types of high-calcium foods to offer your children are dairy products, especially milk. Milk and other dairy products not only contain calcium, but also phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D, and plenty of protein. All of these compounds will help the calcium strengthen bones and teeth. Phosphorus will form a protective barrier over the teeth to protect against acidic foods that can weaken tooth enamel and cause dental cavities.

According to a recent study, most of American children are not receiving enough calcium. In fact, the Academy of General Dentistry has found that only 1 in 5 children meet even the most minimum standards for calcium consumption. It’s been recommended that kids under the age of 8 consume around two and a half cups of dairy products every day. Adults and children over the age of 8 need a full three cups. Milk is a great way to fulfill these requirements, but yogurt is another great way to increase dairy consumption for kids and adults.

If your child isn’t consuming enough dairy, they’re at risk for dental problems, including improper tooth development. We recommend keeping a close eye on your child’s dairy consumption to ensure that he or she is getting the daily recommended amount. For more information on keeping your child’s teeth healthy and strong for a lifetime, please make an appointment here at Meadows Family Dental. We’re located here in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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