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Damage Done by Flossing Too Vigorously

Handsome man flossing in front of mirrorFlossing is a vital part of your oral health care routine. It allows you to remove plaque, bacteria, and food debris from in between the teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. This is around 33% of the tooth enamel! Dentists all agree that flossing is the best way to keep your gums healthy and prevent gingivitis.

However, there is such a thing as being too aggressive with your flossing habits. In fact, flossing too vigorously can even cause eventual damage to the teeth and gum tissue. When done incorrectly, flossing can harm your oral health.

Are You Flossing Too Aggressively?

Below are a few ways flossing too aggressively can cause damage to your oral health:

  • Your flossing is causing gum recession – Some people pull too hard on the floss when trying to get it between their teeth. This causes the floss to pull down too hard on the gum tissue, causing it to get underneath the gum line. This can cause them to bleed, recede, and may lead to gum disease. Allowing the floss to open up space for bacteria to enter the gum tissue can lead to infection and even tooth decay.
  • You floss multiple times a day – Flossing multiple times a day can increase the chance that you’re hurting your gum tissue. As the gum tissue recedes, the tooth’s roots can become exposed and damaged. For effective results, you only need to be flossing once a day, gently, and correctly.
  • You’re too rough when flossing your teeth – Lastly, some people may floss too enthusiastically, hurting both the gum tissue and the teeth. Damage can be done to the gums and the floss can wear away at the tooth enamel over time.

If you are confused about how to floss correctly, please don’t hesitate to ask for a demonstration. Additionally, never skip flossing simply because you’re afraid you’re not doing it correctly. If gums are bleeding, it’s more likely because you haven’t flossed in a while.

However, if you have concerns or if your gums are bleeding regularly during flossing, please contact Meadows Family Dental. Here at our Castle Rock, Colorado family dental office, we can help you review your flossing technique to make sure you’re enhancing your smile instead of harming it!

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