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Common Questions Patients Ask About Dental Crowns

Male dentist and female assistantOne of the most common ways to address the problems of cracked, discolored, or weakened teeth is through the use of a dental crown. Crowns may make some people anxious, but it’s a very simple and common procedure that Dr. Preston Polson performs daily. 

Common Questions About Dental Crowns 

Below are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions about dental crowns: 

  • Do I really need a dental crown? Dental crowns are used to fix discolored, broken, or worn-down teeth. Crowns are also used to attach dental bridges and are recommended to protect teeth following root canal treatment. 
  • Will my crown look natural? Dental crowns are made to match the color of your teeth and will look natural. If you need to have multiple teeth crowned, Dr. Polson will talk to you about all the factors to give you a natural looking smile.
  • Will it hurt to have a crown placed? Typically, the treatment is pain-free, but each patient is different. Some feel no discomfort at all, and others will experience some hot/cold sensitivity. If you’re concerned about pain, please let us know! We’ll do all we can to make sure every patient has a comfortable experience at our office. 
  • How many appointments will it take? Dental crowns typically require two visits to our office. The first session is when your tooth will be prepared, molds will be taken to create a permanent crown, and a temporary crown will be placed. The second appointment is when your permanent crown is properly fitted and cemented in place. 
  • Can a crowned tooth get a cavity? While a crown cannot get a dental cavity, the tooth underneath can still become diseased. This makes it important for you to care for crowned teeth the same way you care for natural teeth. 
  • How long will my crown last? If you practice good oral hygiene, your crown can last a lifetime. Decay occurring on the underlying natural tooth can cause the crown to weaken or fall out. It’s important to keep regular dental appointments so we can make sure your crowns last and the underlying teeth are healthy. 

For more information about dental crowns or to make an appointment with Dr. Polson, please contact Meadows Family Dentistry. Our family dental office in Castle Rock, CO

Posted on Oct 14, 2019



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